Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Japan #18 – Western inspired concoctions?

In Japan I found many meals which appeared to be catering specifically to western tastes – some sort of western inspired concoctions?

...I introduce you to the phenomenon of the hamburg steak!

Hamburg steak bento box

Hamburger steak plate

Hamburg steak and rice omelet plate

Plate hamburger steak with melted cheese

Phenomenon of Italian-Japanese fusion pasta dishes

Phenomenon of serving just a bit of everything on a plate

Rainbow koala plate with a bit of everything - panna cotta, beef, sausages, rice...veges

Special plate

Big! big! big! STAR

Summer spicy toast sand!

Anti-gravity burger anyone?

Please note: all photos were taken of the posters/plastic food displays at the front of restaurants. I was not game enough to try anything.

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