Monday, August 30, 2010

Japan #15 – Overpackaging

One thing that was very noticeable while we were in Japan is that the Japanese seem to really like their packaging…..a little too much… 

You can buy a rockmelon at the supermarket for 3980 yen each, box and bow included (that’s around $50 Aussie dollars!)….check out the apples next to the rockmelons – not only are they individually wrapped in plastic but also have some protective wrapping.

Fruit section of supermarket – almost everything is bagged or wrapped in plastic.

Everything at the bakery is individually wrapped in plastic.

At the 7eleven you can buy hardboiled eggs, which are individually encased in plastic boxes.

If you buy a piece of cake it will usually come in a smart box with a little fork wrapped in plastic and also a piece of ice.

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