Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Apocalyptic Film Dishes

This post is inspired by a series of photographs by Dinah Fried whose ‘fictitious dishes’ re-create food scenes from a range of classic books.

Over the past few weeks I have watched 12 apocalyptic films, they ranged from doomsday scenarios - either the end of the world or a prelude to such an end, zombies, viral infections and post-apocalyptic wasteland settings.

Here are the films that I chose to do an Apocalyptic Film Dish on. The concept for the dish may have featured in the film and/or be inspired by the film. 



Surprise… meatloaf for dinner

"It tastes like ashes..."


An underground basement is discovered.

What is all this stuff?....food… it’s food…
What do you want for breakfast?
Is it ok for us to take all this?
Yeah, they want us to.
Shouldn’t we thank them?
Yeah, go ahead.
Umm…Thank you for soup and Cheetos and all this stuff people


Jackson Curtis drops off his kids at his ex-wife’s house after a camping trip. The kids are served pancakes for breakfast as Jackson returns to work as a part-time limo driver for his Russian billionaire boss. Seismic activity is increasing and Jackson grows concerned over the 2012 phenomenon that is predicted to occur and rents a plane to rescue his family. 

Last meal sighted in movie before the earth’s crust becomes destablised and everything erupts around them as Jackson drives his family to the airport…


John: “But it’s Dad’s Famous Sunday night hot dogs on the run”

Caleb: “I can’t consume that, I’ve decided to become a vegetarian”


Fight, Fight

 …rage virus...

[Disclaimer: No one was harmed in the taking of this photo]


Photo design, production and editing by Blue Apocalypse.

(Bonus Material - Behind the Scenes of the Making of Apocalyptic Film Dishes)

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  1. sooooo good! you have completely outdone yourself - the art direction is fantastic. more film and food posts please!

    1. Thanks :) I'd love to do more artistic kind of food blog posts. Will seek you advice on another theme for films.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Lizzy :) Was really great to finally meet you too at Eat Drink Blog 2!

  3. It was SO nice to meet you Ai-Ling :) I loved this post! I have never thought of pairing dishes with movies and I love the idea ~

    The best picture would have to be 28 Days Later I loved IT!!!

    1. Thanks Daisy, lovely to meet you too :)

      The 28 Days Later photo is my favourite zombie movie, I had a lot of fun coming up with how to make a photo of it. Happy you enjoyed it.

  4. Really enjoyed this post. A-MAZING!! I really like your dish for "The Road!"

    1. Thanks Christian :) The Road was my favourite apocalyptic movie, it was sad and beautiful in its execution.