Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Xpress no-bake orange birthday cake

It was my friend birthday party on the weekend and there was no birthday cake!

How can one have a birthday party without a birthday cake? I lead some quick brainstorming in the kitchen to find a solution for this dilemma….it was a quarter past midnight….baking a cake was out of the question at this time of the evening and many of us were drunk so it would have been a disaster.

In the corner of my eye I spy a fruit bowl. Fruit cakes are awesome right! So a quick no-bake orange birthday cake was made.

Time required
10 seconds

1 orange (can be substituted with any other type of fruit, a ‘real’ orange is preferable)

2 not so drunk people (the sphere shape of the orange means that it doesn’t stand up on its own, therefore, one person is required to hold up the orange while one other person lights it)

Hold the orange upright and stick as many candles as you can into it. Smell the lovely aromas of the orange essence as you pierce into it with candles!

Lights out
Here it comes out to the birthday boy…

The birthday boy took a bite being careful not to touch the bottom of the orange in order for his wish to come true.

Cooking Tip - It’s the thought that counts :)

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