Monday, June 21, 2010

Husband and Wife Biscuits

When I lived at home my dad would always buy husband and wife biscuits for us kids to eat because they were delicious. 

Wife biscuits also have a special significance in Chinese culture, whenever the husband finds out his wife is pregnant he would buy her wife biscuits or whenever the husband does something wrong he will buy wife biscuits for his wife to say sorry or the husband can buy wife biscuits just to say I love you.

Wife biscuits (called Low Phor Peng in Cantonese) are a traditional Chinese pastry. It has a sweet winter melon paste filling surrounded by a flaky pastry.

The legend to this biscuit is that a poor peasant family in imperial China was in need of money because the old father-in-law fell sick with a mysterious disease. The daughter-in-law sold herself as a slave so that her father-in-law would have money to cure his illness. In order for the husband to redeem his wife, he started baking these biscuits and sold them to earn money. Eventually, he earned enough money and brought back his wife. Hence, the name wife biscuit. They lived happily ever after, selling the biscuits.

So basically it’s about the wife sacrificing herself for her husband/family, being selfless and putting others before herself.

You can also buy husband biscuits.

You can buy husband and wife biscuits at Chinese bakeries. The best place to purchase these biscuits in Perth is at New Life Bakery on William Street.

I personally like eating the husband biscuits more, I like its crumbly pastry.

Wife Biscuit

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