Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mrs S, Maylands

I like things that make a place unique, I like paying attention to little details, I like the use of recycled materials…

As I sat down waiting for my friends to arrive I cast my eyes all over Mrs S and little things would catch my attention – the old fashioned scales with complimentary lollies, the use of old Little Golden books to peg pages of the menu into, the mismatch of retro recycled chairs at the table that I sat at, the interesting ceiling light structure, the selection of classic books on the bookshelf behind the counter including Larousse Gastronomique, the art deco styled walls, the little metal saucers of salt and pepper…before I had even eaten anything I already knew that I would like this place. All these little things added character to this place but it was not overdone. Things like this may go unnoticed by a lot of people but I adored it all.

I had organized to have brunch with some friends on a Sunday at Mrs S at around 10:30am. At this time Mrs S was still quite busy and we had to share the long table in the middle of the cafĂ© with others. 

At Mrs S you order all your meals at the counter. Our drinks came out together while we waited for our breakfast dishes to arrive. I had some freshly squeezed apply juice and my friends had coffee and iced coffee. My friend said that she liked it when her coffee came out first because she liked enjoying coffee on its own before eating. I am not a coffee drinker but my friends reported to me that the coffee at Mrs S was very good.

All our breakfast dishes came out at the same time. I don’t mind when some dishes come out first and others later as long as they all come out within a reasonable time, as I can understand how chaotic it can get in the kitchen sometimes, especially when it’s busy. But it’s always nice when it appears that an effort has been made to make sure that all the dishes arrive out together.

Mrs S has your standard selection of breakfast dishes with a twist. 

I ordered the field mushroom, house baked ricotta and pesto and ciabatta toast, plus bacon. I loved the addition of the pesto and baked ricotta in the mix. I thought that the bacon was really well cooked, it had some nice charring around the edges with the right amount of crispiness but it was still succulent. A lot of the time when you order bacon for breakfast it can come out a tad on the dry side and/or burnt so that it’s not as enjoyable to eat. You could also tell that the ciabatta toast had been freshly toasted right before it landed on your plate. There have been a number of times when I have had breakfast and the toast has been a bit hard and it feels like it had been taken from a whole pile of pre-toasted bread that has been sitting on the counter for a while.

My friend was quite intrigued by the coconut bread, citrus curd and fresh fruit option. The dish came out with a beautiful array of fresh seasonal fruits, the coconut bread had a caramelized exterior, and citrus curd and yoghurt was drizzled over the top. My friend said that it was delicious but she felt that she was consuming desert. There are quite a few other breakfast dishes on the menu which cater for people who have a sweet tooth. 

My other friend had the standard free range poached eggs on toast. For some people nothing beats ordering the classic poached egg breakfast. It can be hard to replicate perfectly poached eggs at home. My friend has resorted to hard boiled eggs on toast for breakfast at home, but she boils the egg for around 4 minutes so you would get the effect of running yolk that you can dip toast into (aka egg soldiers style). The verdict on the poached eggs was good.

We found the staff friendly and attentive, they even asked if we were enjoying our meals but in a way that felt like they meant it.

My first experience of Mrs S has left me with the view that it will be one of my favourite breakfast places in Perth. Breakfast is a simple meal, it’s one of those meals that most people can cook, anyone can put together their own big breakfast at home but its one of those meals that everyone loves to go out for, especially to catch up with friends. It’s really nice to enjoy a breakfast that has been cooked for you, especially one that has been cooked well and tastes as good as the ones that Mrs S have on offer.

Mrs S also has an amazing array of baked goods at the counter. I was so full and satisfied with my breakfast that I didn’t feel the need to have dessert. I am looking forward to my next visit to Mrs S for a sample of their sweets.

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  1. Great review! I really enjoyed my breakfast there and want to go back soon! x Mel

  2. All reviews of this place seem to be incredibly positive, am super keen to check them out. Do you remember if they have gluten free bread options?

    Nice review :)

  3. Hey Conor. I don't recall any gluten free bread options but I'm sure that they would have gluten free goodness in some form or another!

  4. I paid my first visit to Mrs. S today and it deserves all the good vibes it's attracting. The braised lamb pie made a great lunch, coffee and carrot cake were equally yum. I'll be back!

  5. The food is delicious, I once went to there for a quick meal and wow, I was amazed.

  6. I just discovered Mrs S today, it's pretty wonderful! I like all the sweet retro touches without it that feeling like it's trying too hard to be retro. The staff were very sweet too.